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Innovation | Genesis Real Estate Group

Our creative designs have broken new ground in multi-family development, leading to increased cost savings and improved performance. Below are a few of our most successful innovations.

Highly Efficient High-Rise Construction

In 1998, Genesis used groundbreaking construction technology to build Turtle Creek Villas, a 14-story Dallas luxury high-rise. The technique achieved record construction times, lowered carrying costs and ultimately increased profitability. Genesis was able to price below the competition, while achieving the same or higher yields.

Pioneering Property Design

Genesis worked with a leading multi-family design architect to develop the urban four-story density product with an integrated, structured garage, now commonly referred to as the “Texas Wrap.” This collaboration created a high-efficiency, low-cost building framework allowing up to 85 units an acre utilization of land. Dallas’s Maple Villas and Southern Villas are classic examples of this style.

Traditional High Density Walk-Ups

By combining efficient design methods and careful management of the development process, we are also able to provide significant savings in traditional products, including wood frame three-to-four-story garden walk ups like LaCosta Villas.